Mini-Site #1 Reflection

Expanding on the first blog post of the semester, I decided to focus my first mini-site on various “identities” that media and technology can assume within our day to day thought processes. The Slacker describes the human tendency to take the easy and convenient route when solving problems, The Visualizer is about understanding creative opinions and freedom of expression, The Psychologist builds upon the Unabomber’s “manifesto”  to describe the socialization between human and technology, and The Hoarder provides clarity and importance towards information literacy.

Luckily I didn’t experience any major difficulties when creating the first mini-site. However, the one thing I noticed that was a bit of a challenge was finding images that coincided with one another stylistically and with size. To alleviate the stress, I made it a point to find images that maintained a simple white background and could be re-sized in Adobe Photoshop with little to no trouble. Success!

Although I did enjoy this assignment, I felt as though it was somewhat repetitive of the first blog post that we completed. Not to say that the content could not be refreshed, I just wish that we could have introduced some new perspectives with regards to Media and Technology. Otherwise, it was a joy to be able to pull together a constructive critical analysis of Carr and Klosterman’s articles.



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