So, What’s My Type?

(1) Fonts are not (always) free.

Although I am notorious for using fonts that are FFP, in order to reduce any legal liability for misuse of certain typography, I would immediately consider my brand loyalty. For a guaranteed product, I trust my tech life to Adobe. Not only have they provided incredible student discounts, but I am always satisfied with my purchase. So, after doing a bit of digging in the font database, I have found the following…

  • Frutiger (Std Full Family, all fourteen fonts) US $264
  • Adobe Optima (Std Full Family, all twelve fonts) US $265
  • Adobe Futura (Std Full Family, all twenty fonts) US $377

(Prices all found through Adobe).

As for the Lexicon Bundle, in order to specialty order the product, purchasing would be through The Enschedé Font Foundry, and would cost:

  • Lexicon No. 1 ADF Bundle – US $2811

In total, that would bring the approximate cost to a grand $3717.


daFont(s) in order: Revolution, Linux Libertine, Grumpy Cat and Brain Flower.

(2) Here, let me persuade you. 

I am constantly drawn to handwriting fonts and would like to create one myself sometime in the future. In addition to the three “alternative” fonts, I chose Brain Flower because of the unique quirkiness associated with the typeface.

(3) Security blanket. 

A few personal; favorites that I have downloaded and used in the past are DaunPenh as a serif typeface and Delicious as a sans-serif typeface. Both of these fonts are primarily used for design work that I do, but whenever possible, I try to incorporate them into actual type writing like word documents and e-mail messages.

I chose DaunPenh because it reminds me a lot of my favorite font, Georgia, and adds a little bit more pizzaz compared to Times New Roman like Footlight MT Light does. Although there’s a bit more distraction in the typeface, full body text is still easily understood and appealing to the eye.


Serif font workhorse.

As for Delicious, I own two other styles of this typeface. Although my true favorite is Delicious Heavy, the chubbier brother to Delicious, Delicious still maintains the clean and simple look that I often try to achieve when designing/writing. I also enjoy using this typeface as a solid block font that easily conveys a message very boldly and eliminates the distraction of having to separate letters or words.


Sans-serif font workhorse.


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