Is it CSS or Si es.. es..

Just like learning Spanish, I’m starting to realize that old habits die hard.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to refine my basic knowledge of CSS. It’s always a joy to see your creation take shape, especially when you’re starting from the ground up. However, in the process, just like everyone else, I’ve experienced minor frustrations. Mostly about immediate “how-to’s.” You could call me lazy, but I believe the best way to figure something out is to try, try again.

So many clichés. Or wait. Are they idioms?

Anyways, a lot of the standard questions have already been asked and answered, so I’ll give it a go.

My first question involves centering a div around another div. That might not make sense immediately  but to be more specific, I am curious about a more efficient way to (1) create a <div>, (2) create another <div> and (3) how to center <div> #1 with regards to the positioning of <div> #2. For instance, with the mini-site, I would have liked to have positioned my <h1> tag around the body/overview <div>. Thoughts?

The second question that I have someone else has already mentioned regarding the optional font styling. From what I have gathered, the em and % involve something about the actual size of the letters of whatever text is active, but I still don’t understand how to use my discretion or go with my gut when choosing what should work best.

The third question is a tack-on about sizing/re-sizing and positioning <divs> directly next to each other. Again, with the mini-site, I would have liked to have added a tab-like side bar instead of a naked side bar to my main body block, but I had no real understanding of how to utilize spacing. Is there a way to easily “auto” detect where the “invisible grid” aligns objects? This may be confusing the way I’ve worded it, but hopefully you could refer me to some resources.

Thanks in advance!


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