Minisite #2 Reflection

Although this assignment was an incredibly awesome learning experience, I also learned a lot about my relationship with coding. At this point, I feel fairly confident in designing the basic web layout. There are a few questions I have regarding the detail and specifics of using certain tags or how to create x, but a majority of my interest after completing this assignment was through the visual creative. Not to say that the HTML comes easy, I just find myself spending more time on color, typography, etc. and than actually creating the structure of a web page. Seeing this, I should probably re-prioritize.

The "overview" page for Sweets & Treats, with a commentary on The History of Dessert.

The “overview” page for Sweets & Treats, with a commentary on The History of Dessert.

With the coding, I would compare it to playing the piano. I can do it, but I tend to attempt the hard way, not taking the time to actually stop and learn the application process. I’d rather get it done and move on to something else. This, to me, is very frustrating. I am doing my best to try and stay focused on the importance of the foundation, but with the internet, it’s so easy to “Google” a question, read through the code (to which I am becoming more and more familiar each day) and then manipulate it to do what you want it to. No real beginning to end. *Slaps wrist.* As for CSS, I am absolutely loving it! But again, I feel myself getting caught up in trying to match color pallets and often feel restricted. There are a lot of things I would like to do with the style sheets to make the page more appealing, but I am trying to focus my efforts elsewhere.

A delicious recipe for Nutella Heart Pop-Tarts.

A delicious recipe for Nutella Heart Pop-Tarts.

Overall, the mini-site #2 assignment was really fun to work on. Foodgawker is one of my favorite websites and boy did I spend a lot of time browsing. Totally a tangent, but I have some great recipes for my… readers, wherever they may be. While it did take me longer than expected, I was able to read up on a lot of tutorials and re-familiarize myself with how-to float objects, etc. I still am unsure about a few terminologies like float: clear, positioning: absolute and the overall understanding of <div>. I treat it like a folder, containing lots of other little folders, but I’m not sure if I’m thinking through it correctly. Help would be greatly appreciated. But until then, I will continue utilizing my resources and hopefully get moving on the badge portion of the course. I really can’t wait to work on them, because I can already anticipate the creative streak in me moving and grooving.


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