When it comes down to it, I’ll admit, I’m a little over ambitious.

Photoshop Mock-up.

Photoshop Mock-up.

I had a fairly easy time mocking up the Photoshop design for what I had hoped my movie website to look like. However, implementing that design was a little bit more difficult than previously thought. With Photoshop, I was able to quickly create and manipulate shapes for the page as well as create a few graphics.  This is one of my strengths, but I’ve never really taken my “work” to the next level, interactive per say, something I am excited to do with the website design.

Working with coding and CSS, I noticed that a one of my major problems stemmed from the fact that I did indeed alter the html code (although I’m still a bit confused as to whether or not we were actually able to do so), and as a result, became overwhelmed with the little details that began changing. Second, I wanted to incorporate several aspects of web design that I have yet to fully understand (for example, stylized drop down menus – navigation – and tab like additions) and because I continued to “trial and error,” became frustrated at my lack of immediate results.

Please know that this has been a great learning process for me, because even though I spent quite a bit of time trying to replicate my design, I familiarized myself with additional online tutorials and helpful websites. I think that with a clearer mind and a fresh slate, I will be able to slowly but surely accomplish my goal of creating my final and personalized movie page. I look forward to seeing my “creation” unravel, knowing that I’ve worked hard, starting all the way from scratch.


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