WHO Likes Gaming?

After spending time toying around with the program, I began to sense within myself and interest in gaming. I never thought that would be the case as I’ve always associated myself with static media, and not so much “interactive” like the Beta Scratch program.

Last semester, I became familiar with the programming code “Python,” and created similar user interaction features, but on a much simpler scale (a calculator, tic-tac-toe, etc.). This however, is way cooler. It provides more room for creativity by taking the pressure off of complete coding, providing guides and directions for a majority of the commands. The visual approach is very appealing, and incredibly user friendly so much so that I’m sure my parents could easily get the hang of it.


Exploring the portfolio of public projects, I am curious as to how to include the “scrolling” landscape feature either up or down, depending on the movements of the sprite. Also, in regards to the setting, I would like to create several different pages depending on the player level (think about the iPhone app Cut the Rope) which feature various locations from favorite Doctor Who episodes.

Continuing with the theme of Doctor Who, I would like to create a game that advances the player to the next level by successfully avoiding the “weeping Angles.” The end result would be to finally reach the Tardis.


Ultimately, your goal is to develop a miniature interactive game that includes the following characteristics:

1. Game includes multiple characters and Sprites. At least one of these characters should be player controlled. 

  • So far, the primary character is the “girl” as the user player. The sprite is a “ghost” that serves as the first level Weeping Angle.

2. Game includes some sort of collision detection that changes the “costume” of the sprites when they collide with other object(s).

  • The collision will take place between the player and the sprite, resulting in the sprite changing expression. 

3. Game keeps track of what happens with the use of a “score variable. 

4. Game announces victory or failure when a certain score is reached. 

5. Game includes sound effects. 

  • The existing sound effect that is currently included is the looping Doctor Who theme medley.
  • I would also like to feature a “weeping angle” sound when the collision takes place.
  • And when the player reaches the Tardis.

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