Mad for Mad Libs

Working with javascript is actually really fun, and in some sense a bit more satisfying than CSS! Lets get interactive!

Mad Lib Javascript Code

Mad Lib Javascript Code

Towards the end of class on Monday I was having some trouble understanding the specific order that each function runs through. After taking a break to clear my mind, referring back to class notes and revisiting the code this morning, I immediately recognized my very silly problem. I made sure that I was very meticulous with the structure of my code in order to better visualize the sequence of events. To make it easier, I followed a skeleton version of a code that I had written out with appropriate blanks and voila, problem solved.

Active Mad Lib Page

A view of the loaded Mad Lib generator.

Testing the code was the coolest part. While at work this afternoon in the Bell Center, I continued to ask friends for various “adjectives” and “verbs” and “nouns,” with the hope that I could create the most random mad lib. That’s where I realized the instant gratification that comes with understanding how to code. I am loving getting to see my “work” implemented.

Overall, I am pumped to work on the mini-site and see what else I can do with javascript, I’m thinking transitions and animations. Who knows! The possibilities seem endless!


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