The Frontest of the Front

After hearing Kathryn McClintock speak about the various levels of design, I’ve come to recognize how much I can get distracted with the creative component of web design. Bottom line, I am too ambitious and overly excited.


Search Engine Page.

Unfortunately, as a result of hours of brainstorming and trying to implement/test out the these “creative solutions” for what was our original assignment, I was unable to fully finish my mini-site. It wasn’t that Javascript got the best of me, but instead caused me to lose control over my content very quickly. A  lot of time wasted time was spent shifting back and forth between HTML pages and CSS coding, and trying to make sure that I was using the correct id’s and classes for future Javascript use. This is a lot different than working with Python, and to be honest, I miss the single document of loads and loads of code. My and Javascripts personalities do not mix.


“Keep that coding going…”

Aside from the mass chaos that became my desktop, I was actually really enjoying the program. It was a moment for me to create some original content that flowed from one page to the… almost next.

The overall theme of my mini-site is a travel company of which I have titled “Open Road Travel Co.” (think Florence for Fun or Bus2Alps) that targets a younger demographic, including students who which to study abroad. I have a lot of wheels spinning on how to make the site more active, but I have to reel myself back in a bit. However, as soon as I take a break to refresh my mind, I want to dive right back in and try and tackle some more Javascript. This time though, I will definitely try and keep myself more organized.

Estimated time spent: 9.5 hours

Update: I am ever so close to being finished with my site. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I spent at least 10 more hours of solid and focused work time since last Thursday in addition to reading through a lot of blog postings and internet resources on javascript. I was having an boocoo amount of  issues with the “undefined,” so I was forced to break everything down and start from the bone of the code. I anticipate by the end of the day today my site will be debugged and error free, ready to be interactive.

Texas Javascript Conference 2013, ATX

Texas Javascript Conference 2013, ATX

Yesterday I was in Austin for an event at the Capitol with my internship and I came across this very encouraging message that not only made me laugh out loud, but realize there is hope for my relationship with javascript. Ironically, the city was hosting it’s Texas Javascript Conference (of which I probably should have made an appearance). Really cool to see since we are currently working through javascript in class. Hope you enjoy.


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