Graphic Design Badge – Logo Maker


Date: May 14, 2013
To: Doris Hermann, Owner – Three Daughters Chocolate
From: Courtney Bosquez, COURTNEYBZ Creative
Subject: Spring Logo Design for Three Daughters Chocolate


Mrs. Hermann,

I hope this message finds you well.

It has been such a pleasure getting to work with you on redesigning the Three Daughters Chocolate logo. COURTNEYBZ Creative is excited about this opportunity to help your company in it’s marketing endeavor.

Our staff has been working very diligently to make sure that all of your requests and input regarding the design were taken into consideration. I hope that you are pleased with our final design submission.

Here at COURTNEYBZ Creative we believe a company’s logo is one of the most valuable, and certainly visible marketing tools. We feel confident you will be pleased with the new logo.

"Three Daughters Chocolate"

“Three Daughters Chocolate”

Firstly, as part of your business’ brand identity, the Three Daughter’s Chocolate logo exists to convey a message of a family owned, family operated, down to earth business that specializes in hand crafting delicious treats. As a way to position your company in a highly populated young adult area, such as College Station, Texas, we believed it to be a strategic decision to mimic a creative sketched out design as opposed to block traditional chain or corporate. This will go over well with students who are searching for the one of a kind boutique sweet shop.

The color scheme is made to stay consistent with the end objective of selling chocolate. Without the clutter of bright colors, the logo presents a series of balanced black, dark brown and light tan hues to again allude to rich, sweet chocolate.

We also wanted the design to stand to stand alone and be easily digested by a potential consumer within a few seconds or placed in front of a patron, as immediately recognizable, a Three Daughter’s Chocolate product of high quality. Our intent was for the design to be understood as “simple, relevant enduring, distinctive, memorable” and easily adaptable as we support and always look towards future improvement, development and growth for your business. There are components within the design that can be applied towards a future logo such as the prominent number 3 or the symbolization of three hearts for Three Daughters.

Because we understand that your family is very important to you and the reason for creating this business, we wanted to incorporate the hearts as a constant reminder for you as the owner as well as for the consumer, knowing this product was made with love and careful attention.Therefore, the overall theme of the logo was consistent in preserving lighthearted, romantic, playful and dainty associations. The three hearts that circle the central text symbolize each one of your daughters, in a very unique way, by the hand drawn icon design.

However, the design still serves its purpose, as a stand alone, without further explanation necessary.

The typography that you see in the design was made to further support the hand craftiness of your product as well as convey a sense of independence from corporate chain sweet shops. Daughters maintains a childlike script, while chocolate is displayed as the most direct form of unspoken communication with the consumer. Together, there is a nice balance that creates an attitude of oneness that is welcoming for potential customers to consider future business with Three Daughters Chocolate.

We hope that you have found this process enjoyable and would love to continue working with you on marketing your products.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding your logo design.

We at COURTNEYBZ Creative are always glad to assist you.


Courtney Bosquez



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