Final Presentations “Semester in Review”

Minimalist Design BadgeLogo Maker Badge

Pen Tool Master Badgeuserexperience.wireframewizard


Graphic Design Badge – Minimalist Design

Minimalist design caters to individuals who prefer visual simplicity. Instead of becoming distracted by the chaos of color, art and typography, the basic design eliminates any possible overload. Once the creator has chosen what message he or she would like to convey, they begin to design with exactly that in mind – shifting the focus explicitly to the content. Items to incorporate are chosen with the intent that they will serve several purposes and reinforce the design on a multitude of levels. The conscious then will be able to process the “few” that is seen without having to account for an overall design, an end result that will truly exclaim “less is more.” Continue reading

Entrepreneurship Badge – Domain Hosting

Truth be told, I am always look for news ways to “brand” or “promote” myself online. I must have been around 12 or 13 when I first realized how important it is to establish a professional presence online and to make sure that it is current and presentable at all time. And thus, when the opportunity to finally option to finally purchase my own domain hosting came about, I jumped at it.

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User Experience Badge – Wireframe Wizard

The wireframe badge allowed me yet another opportunity to pursue my ultimate goal of developing a site dedicate to personal branding. I enjoyed working with the Balsamiq program (one that was recommended across the board by online users) as forced me to get creative and plan out what it is I would like to see on my site one day. The features of drag and drop made the wireframe easy to customize and will be easy to implement once I have extra time to code.

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